INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide


DATE: Sunday, February 7, 2021

TEXT: 2 Corinthians 13:5-8

KEY VERSE: Proverbs 4:26 ‘Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.’

Sometimes, you need to look back in life to check where your feet have walked. Please, take time to examine the path of your feet, your walk through life, how was it. When you check the path of your feet, which places have you been to? Are the places you have been to good or evil? Whom have you been walking with? Which company have you been keeping through life? You are standing at a good point today but it is also good for you to look back with your minds eyes to trace your steps backwards. Which places were you regularly going to? Ponder, think about the path of your feet, consider your ways. Haggai 1:7 Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Consider your ways. You, consider. You, judge your ways. How have your ways been in the past? In your walk in life, in your family, in your working place, even in church matters, in the things of God. How have you faired? Check it out. If you are asked to evaluate yourself, how will you rate yourself? Consider, faithfully; judge yourself. Will you score yourself high or low? Consider your ways in the light of righteousness, in the light of Christian love, in the light of truth. Living in truth, speaking in truth, doing everything in truth; what is your assessment of yourself?

Examine yourself. Are you in Christ or a reprobate? A hypocrite or a Christian? A sinner or a saint? Examine yourself even right now, who are you? Are you having Satan standing by you, walking by you or you have been walking with him through the years? Or will you say you have walked with Jesus? Examine yourself. God is allowing you to be the judge of yourself. You still have chance to live. Your honest judgment will attract God to you. Otherwise, He may abandon you the more if you are not honest in judging yourself. Again, commune with your soul. Sit down and think over how your life has been. Check well, think well, think through. Make a diligent investigation of yourself and of your ways. How have you walked with women? How have you walked with men? How has your life been? Did you steal? Did you lie? Have you been doing good? Have you been speaking words of truth? Have you been dependable? Have people been speaking well of you? Commune, think it over, check the testimonies and make amends where necessary.

Thought for the day: Continual self-examination is essential to stay on track in your Christian race.

Song for the day: Jesus must be honored, must be honored……

Bible reading for the day: Leviticus 1-3; Matthew 24:23-51