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​TEXT: Proverbs 4: 1-13

KEY VERSE: Proverbs 8: 12, ‘I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.’

The Bible itself is a book of wisdom. Which means the answer to the above question cannot be exhausted because in another aspect, Jesus calls Himself wisdom as we learn from our key verse. Wisdom is that which delivers you and gives you victory over your enemies and keeps you away from hell. Wisdom is the ability to behave, speak and interact sweetly among men to their satisfaction, delight, amazement and commendation.
Solomon tells us something vital for our lives in this world and principal to be in our character and to employ in our living. He speaks to us as children and requests that we pay attention to his instructions which he received from David his father. Solomon gained wisdom from the counsel and instructions of David. Having been told that Solomon would be king after him, David gave attention to him, and gave him vital instruction and the most vital instruction was that he should get wisdom. This was relevant for his life, his government, his service to God and to man for a righteous work.

Wisdom is the principal thing. It is the leading virtue in human relationship and administration. Wisdom is the virtue the righteous derives from the fear of God and obedience to His commandments. Wisdom that is inside of you makes you to obey the word of God. Wisdom tells us how to do things. It is a calculation arriving at how you can best handle a matter. It is thinking clear through. Wisdom is what makes a man provide solution to a given problem. God is the giver of wisdom. He gives wisdom freely to those who seek it to honour Him and to do His will. He preserves wisdom for the righteous.

Wisdom is the ability to think clear through by the enablement of God. The prodigal son when he couldn’t find the food of pigs to eat went and sat down, maybe under a tree and started thinking aloud: “How was it when I was at home? I was not even the one cooking food but the servants were cooking and serving us. Now I am here without food. Not even the food of pigs! I will go back home and plead with my father to forgive me.” That is wisdom. That decision to arise and go back to his father was his survival.

Thought for the day: Wisdom is the ability to think clear through to get solution.

Song for the day: You are everything Jesus is everything to me (2x)

Bible reading for the day: Judges 15-17; Luke 10:1-24