INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide


DATE: Saturday, January 16, 2021

TEXT: John 10:27-29

KEY VERSE: Psalm 23:4 ‘Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.’

“No one can snatch them out of My hand” (John 10:28 CEV). My child, the bond between us is unbreakable, because you are My chosen. The company you keep is with the Architect of this universe in His infinite wisdom. Everything you do, everywhere you go, My presence surrounds you – and My influence. But for the closeness of Myself to you, you would have been in the gravest danger many times. It is because you are precious to Me, that I surround you with my Almighty protection. What I have done for you, no one else could do. The future may seem uncertain to you, but you know that I will not leave you to walk alone for a single moment. It means much to Me that you share My life.

We may be knocked down, but we are never knocked out! (2 Corinthians 4:9). It is not only by those who press forward confidently that the race is won; it is so often won by those who move deliberately, almost trembling! So never be over-anxious about the rate of progress in life’s spiritual journey. If your desire is to be perfect, you shall have your desire – and all the details of the journey will be woven into my plan for you. My children who say they believe in My greatness, so often put Me to the test in a tense or doubting manner, instead of just taking Me for granted! Do not let defeats and failures blind you to the many times of victory the overcoming which you achieve united with Me.

“… He will not fail you or forsake you…” (Deut 31:8.) My child, understand that I will never be swayed from My purposes by the fortunes of life. Do not fear that even your own short comings and mistakes will affect those things which are the subject of My promises to you. You know that I am faithful – and not capricious. The ground which you tread with Me is not always easy ground. But it is safe ground. It is the way forward, planned by Me, according to your individual needs. When discouraged, My children will always turn back to Me – showing their realization deep within that there is nowhere else to go but to Myself! My promise is that you will come to know, fully, that your trust in Me has not been in vain.

Thought for the day: The ground you tread with God may not be easy, but it is safe.

Song for the day: I rely, I rely on Thy word, oh Lord. I rely, I rely on Thy word …

Bible reading for the day: Genesis 38-40; Matthew 12:22-50