Children delivered from the hands of social service

I want to thank God for His faithfulness upon my life and upon the life of my children.

We live in the UK, where the enemy is doing all his best to destroy the lives of young children. On the 3rd of June 2018, an incident
happened that brought the social services in the life of my children.
It was a fight that almost led to my children being force fully taken away from me. I was accused of beating my children, I was accused of teaching them the way of God and encouraging them to read the word of God.
It was a fight to remove my children from where they can hear the word of God. It was said that I was following group of strange people that have strange behaviours. I almost gave up because the fight was in tense, but i was encouraged by the word of God,
knowing that these are part of what we will encounter as children of God.

We prayed, the brethren also joined us to call upon the name of the Lord. The amazing part of this story was that my children were standing with God, when they were being interrogated by these social workers.
This was because two of my children have come to that age the law of this country has made it that they can decide what they want. My children stood for God, stating that they are ok with what they are being taught
about God and the way to live for God, and want to continue in it.
My son stood stating that he want to continue going to church, as these social workers and the schools wanted him to be some where else where he will not be able to attend church on Sundays.
Since the children were standing with God, these social workers and the schools became frustrated. Some of the social workers later withdrew from the case as she was not getting what she planned. When the case was still on, I went to the court for proper child arrangement and for prohibited steps order to be issues against taken a way my children out of the country with out my knowledge or consent. My request in court was granted, the child arrangement was done to the glory of God.
The prohibited steps order was issued and the court order came out stating that the children are staying with their mother and spend some time and days with their father.

This situation shaped the life of my children, in stead of what the enemy has planned. They are more wiser now and the Lord is helping me to bring them up in the way of God.

I really thank God, because He turned around the plans of the enemy to favour us. May the name of the Lord be glorified.