Firstly, I thank God according to His word in the book of 1 Thessalonians 5: 18 which says; In everything give thanks for this is the will
of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”

I was a member of the Catholic church, I like watching God channels and listening to good preaching. I read Rhapsody and UCB, which I subscribed to. I listened to Pastor Abraham’s message.
At a time I felt like leaving Catholic because I desire to be hearing word of God really.

Through television I got to know Christ ambassador church and I joined them but the members are wordly in dressing and I am always different in dressing because I has given up Jezebelic attires. But I was enjoying the preaching which was what I am looking for.
After some time I left them and from there I joined mountain of fire (MFM), from MFM i came to know about HOREMOW through a sister.

Being a member of MFM church, I listened to Horemow messages and equally joined them in online program. As time goes on I saw the difference and moved to HOREMOW finally. Being a Horemow ember I love the preaching and their uniqueness. In fact God knows really that I am eager to hear his word. I joined Horemow
officially from November 2017. I started doing my restitutions. I went to justice, I went to Passport Office to submit my passport because it was the wrong date of birth because i lied about my date of birth. I went to Irish Naturalization and Immigration service INS office to restitute. After telling my restitution story to the lady that attended to me she told me to put it in writing.

As I have submitted my passport, the passport office told me that I should redo my passport again.

After some months they gave me list of documents I should bring to do another passport. So I got all the documents and went to Passport office again. They told me that I have to authenticate my new birth certificate and get a letter from my embassy. Then it happened that the
authentication of date of birth would be done in Nigeria.

Then I went back to the passport office to see if they can give me my passport back to travel for the authentication, but they told me to go and get a visa. Then I started the process of the visa and while all these things I am putting everything in prayer, both private and morning group prayer. I went back to IN IS office for the visa and the lady I meet there told me to apply for Stamp 6, then after that I will apply for visa to travel. So on 23rd July, Tuesday night at 11:26pm, I emailed them asking for stamp 6 and the
next day 24th July, Wednesday at 8:21 and they replied to After I got the Stamp 6, I applied for a visa, I sent my Nigerian passport to NIS office and within 5 days I got my visa in the mail. I thank God.